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Cookie Law & penalization 

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Effective January 1, 2020,

Service Description 

Displaying a Cookie Banner on Your Site

A cookie consent banner is a notification that informs your visitors on how their cookies are being used on your site. By enabling this banner, only essential cookies are placed on your visitor’s device. Using the banner, visitors can approve the usage of other types of cookies as well.

The banner includes all the default texts you need in order to explain about the cookies you're using, but you can tailor them to your individual needs.

What happens when the banner is added to your site?

When a user first visits your site, only essential cookies and scripts are loaded. In order to use other types of cookies and scripts (e.g., Functional, Advertising, Analytics), you must obtain consent from your visitor through the cookie banner. Visitors can either approve all cookie types by simply clicking Accept, or only allow specific types by clicking the Cookie Settings button. It would be great if you can send your privacy policy to be integrated with the notification. 



Regular $199