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Meta Tag Submissions

Digital Marketing



Media Marketing 

Video  Marketing 

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On-Site SEO

Page Optimization

Better Ranking Position 

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Keyword Submission 


Other Web Connection 

User Friendly

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Page Optimization/Natural SEO  

The page optimization refers to all measures that can be taken directly within the Web Pages-Structures  in order to improve its position in the Search Engine ranking.

Natural search results (usually on the left-hand side of search engine’s results page)Here you will see all the websites in a search engine’s index which are relevant to the query. The search engine’s internal evaluation algorithm determines which position a website will get in the search results. It is not possible to pay to move a website higher up in the natural search results. In addition, natural search results often display entries from Google Places, images or videos which are relevant to a search term. These entries usually appear at the top of the search results.

Meta Tag </>

The right Meta tag (keywords) submissions through valuable identified keywords from Google company out of Ad-words campaign-structure will optimize the ranking positioning of the webpages efficiently based on search term that is entered into the search engine. We calculate possibilities based on various factors that influence whether a website appears far up in the search results and therefore has a high ranking position in a shortest period.    



The relevant/useful links will place in requested pages to direct visitor to other websites that refer to the website in question. Search engines systems are geared towards sorting search results according to a real life concept recommendations! Remember, the better you are the more recommendations you will receive. Search engines interpret a link to a website (backlink) as a recommendation for it. The more backlinks a website has and the better those links are they are, the further up it will appear in the search results.    


                         User Friendly Platform


Platform The friendly website’s structure refers to how easy the website is set up, and how the individual sub-pages are linked to another, due to the online marketing strategy. It is particularly important that online visitors can find all sub-pages quickly and easily when websites have a large number of sub-pages, and also how fast the designed web path can direct traffic into the marketing points.

Right Path

Right Destination

Online Marketing 

Off-Site SEO


Paid Ranking 

Media Marketing

Social Networking  

Video Marketing 

Other Web Connection 

Email Marketing

Easy to use/search


Use Powerful Paid Digital Ad  Methods

Be searchable to your audience

Be in the top line of search screens


Search Network



Ads can show next to search results throughout Google’s Search Network, which includes:Google SearchShoppingGoogle MapsGroupsGoogle PlayNon-Google search sites (like AOL) that partner with Google to show search ads, calledsearch partners. This option is selected by default, but you can deselect it in your campaign settings.


Ads are matched to search results pages based on the terms or phrases someone searches.

For example, a search on Google for "home plumbing repair" might show an ad that uses that phrase as a keyword.


Display Network



Ads can show throughout Google’s Display Network, made up of more than a million different possible placements, including:

Websites that show relevant Google ads

Videos, Apps. Gmail, YouTube, Blogger

Google Finance, Google Maps


Your ads are matched to websites and other placements, like mobile apps, when your keywords are related to a site’s content or the interests of a user browsing a site.

You can also choose to target specific sites, pages about specific topics, demographic groups, and more.


Search & Display 



Ads can show with:

  • Search results on the Search Network

  • Relevant placements within the Display Network, including: 

    • Websites that show relevant Google ads

    • Videos

    • Apps

    • Gmail

    • YouTube

    • Blogger

    • Google Finance

    • Google Maps


If you select this option, your budget will be shared across both networks. However, compared to Display Network only campaigns, your ads are shown more selectively on the Display Network. They’ll be shown to customers who are browsing sites related to your keywords and who are most likely to make a purchase.

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Video ads can show onYouTube and on the Google Video Network.


TrueView in-stream ads run on videos served on YouTube or within Google Display Network videos, games, and apps. These ads may also run on YouTube videos that are embedded on other sites. After 5 seconds, the viewer has an option to skip the ad.

The appearance of TrueView in-display ads will vary, depending on the ad sizes and ad formats that the content publishers support. For example, YouTube is a key content publisher within the network, and these ads will function and appear in the same way across the YouTube site. You can choose whether the video plays within the ad unit or when a viewer clicks the unit to watch the video on its YouTube Watch page.

Social Networking

Limitless Connection! 

Harmonized Online Development





The coordination of all online marketing activities should follow the productive relevancy platform , based on the web structure standards.


All digital marketing  structures should coordinately follow a unified marketing strategy plan, so all of the following marketing actions must support each other toward marketing goals.


  • Google Ad-Words

  • Social Media 

  • Email Marketing

  • Video Marketing


 The following services need to be coordinated as well to boost the marketing power;


  • SEO

  • Web Design Structure

  • Page backlinks

  • Content management  

  • Web/Ad Analysis and solution

  • Keyword update

  • Meta tag identification/modification     


Our web design Process

The Search Engine Optimization processes are generating your web development capability, for many virtual marketing features to create right traffic, and productive engagement with your audience.

US Web Solution provides the most essential business - services.  It delivers an affordable, and simple structure for everyone to run and promote their business. It also provides cloud based web design and digital marketing .

Account Services

The cloud based web-design is certified by TRUSTe for compliance with its program requirements Including transparency accountability, and choice regarding the collection and use of your personal information.


Our HTMLcould based design and E-Commerce Platforms are safed and Secured by the third parties  

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