We need client ID and Secret from your PayPal pro account to link your account to your E-Commerce.


You don’t know how to get your client ID and Secret?

No problem, you just need to follow the following steps.

  • Step 1 - Creating an account and getting live credentials:


  1. Create a PayPal Payments Pro account:
    Note: If you already have a PayPal Payments Pro account, sign in and skip to step 2.

    1. Go to PayPal Payments Pro.

    2. Click Get Started Today.

    3. Click Apply Online.

    4. Click Create New Account.

    5. Fill in the form.

    6. Click Create PayPal Account.

  2. Click Dashboard at the top right of the screen.

  3. Click My Apps & Credentials at the top left of the screen.

  4. Scroll down to the Rest API apps section and click Create App.

  5. Type "Online Ordering" under App Name and click Create App.

  6. Click Live at the top right.

    Note: Accounts created in the Sandbox tab cannot be used to collect payments.

  7. Click Account Eligibility under Live API Credentials.

  8. Click Enable next to Direct credit cards.

  9. Click Enable next to Future Payments.


  • Important:

PayPal will email you when live API credentials are enabled. This may take a few days. When enabled, you will see two green checkmarks beside Direct credit cards and Future Payments.

Proceed to Step 2 only after the live API credentials are enabled.

  • Step 2 - Verifying credentials:


  1. Click My Apps & Credentials at the top left.


  2. Scroll down to Rest API apps and click Online Ordering.

  3. Click Show under Live API Credentials.
    Note: Make sure you are in the Live tab, not the Sandbox tab.


  4. Copy the Client ID.

  5. Click Show and copy the Secret.

  6. Send us the ID & Secret through info@uswebsolution.com 

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